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It’s not been widely known, but Dan - the taller (and frankly better looking) half of The Merlin Bird - was involved in a nasty car accident early in 2012.  (Not his fault.)  The journey back hasn’t been an easy one, but after many months of rehab he’s back on deck with all his bits and pieces working pretty much as nature intended.  He also has a natty new ponytail that his girlfriend won’t let him cut off.


All this is has put the completion date of the new album back a bit, but as of 30 October 2012, the Bird are collectively back in the studio again.  The new album is now planned for release towards the end of 2013.  Thanks to all those who’ve been waiting patiently through the various postponements - if the vibe from the recent recording sessions carries through to the album as a whole, we hope the wait will have been worth it.