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The Merlin Bird are looking to expand, and are after fellow musical adventurers, collaborateurs and 21st century minstrels to share the journey with.  

What this means in English, is that if you're based around Melbourne Australia, like the stuff we do, and sing/play/perform well enough to help us do more of it, then we'd love to welcome you to the ranks. Be you a singer ( - female for preference - ), guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, multi-instrumentalist or something else that we haven't even considered, then do please drop us a line at  

We're pretty well covered in the drum department, but apart from that the doors are open wide.

Ideally you'll have gigged before, and will therefore have some idea about the importance of decent gear, workable transport and the many advantages of attending rehearsals, but we love sitting in open-mouthed awe as much as the next guys, so don't be shy about getting in touch with nothing more than raw talent to recommend you.  (A sense of humour would probably help too, because ours is pretty lame, quite frankly.)