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New album out now!


It's here at last!  After all the postponements, injuries, bad hair days, good hair days, receding hair days and just plain unmanageable hair days, the new Merlin Bird album, Chapter and Verse, has finally been released.  

The album contains thirteen tracks, which range in length from a rather perfunctory sixteen seconds, to your more quasi-epic seven minutes-ish.  We hope we've managed to walk the line between keeping everything coherent, while still visiting a range of musical styles.  

We know we've said it before, but there's nothing like rock music for allowing you freedom of musical expression. It's really nice to be able to mix Gregorian chants with a bluesy sort of piano, and to crank up the power lead solo a few songs after your renaissance harpsicord number.  We've experienced all the usual difficulties and frustrations in making this CD, and been lucky enough to enjoy moments of joy as well; we hope that all those feelings somehow come through.

No blurb on this album would be complete without a word of thanks to all the singers, musicians, producers, well-wishers and purveyors of good advice who have helped shape the sounds.  One of the great pleasures of making music is the people you get to make it with; everyone named on the CD feels like part of the Merlin Bird family to us. Our love and thanks to all.

Available at

And so it's over to you.  Whether you love this album or loathe it, we hope you'll find it ... different. Either way, on hearing this CD you'll become part of the journey as well.  We hope you enjoy your part as much as we enjoyed ours!

Love and peace,


The Merlin Bird.

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