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Gigs in days gone by are listed below.  The Merlin Bird Solo Shows were performed in the UK, while pretty much everything else was in or around Melbourne, Australia.  To our ongoing dismay, we still don’t seem to have headlined at New York’s Madison Square Gardens yet, but perhaps we just got the list wrong …


  • Sometime in September/October – Brunswick Hotel.  Last gig with this lineup, the exact date forever lost in the mists of time.
  • Wednesday 1st August – Bullet Bar, London.  Pretty sure that was the date, anyway.
  • Sunday 22nd July – Night of the Prog Festival, Loreley, Germany.  Appearing with Jethro Tull and Asia.
  • Tuesday 19th June – Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick.
  • Saturday 26th May – Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick.  Appearing with Shamesh and Dream Awake.
  • Friday 18th May – Grand Central Hotel, Richmond
  • Tuesday 8th May – Ruby’s, Belgrave
  • Friday 4th May – Cornish Arms, Brunswick
  • Tuesday 6th February – Solo show.  Viva viva, London.
  • Tuesday 16th January – Solo show.  Viva viva, London.
  • Wednesday 3rd January – Solo show.  Viva viva, London.



  • Thursday 21st December – Solo show.  Storm, Leicester Square, London.
  • Sunday 17th December – Solo show.  The Brook, Southampton.  Supporting Perfect Alibii.
  • Sunday 10th December – Solo show w Paul Forrest. Supporting Perfect Alibi at Mr Kyps, Dorset.
  • Friday 1st December – Solo show.  Hemel Hampstead.  Guest appearance with the lovely Beck Sian.
  • Saturday 19th November – Solo show.  Gloucester Guildhall, Gloucester. Supporting  G2.
  • Sunday 12th November – Solo show.  The Loaded Dog, London, supporting the Dayglo Pirates
  • Monday 6th November - Solo show. The Old Queen's Head, Islington, London. 

  • Saturday 4th November - Solo show. Gloucester Guildhall, Gloucester. Supporting the self-same (and still amazing) "Perfect Alibi".
Saturday 28th October - Solo show. Chiddingfold Folk Club, Surrey. Supporting amazing Pink Floyd tribute band "Perfect Alibi". 

  • Friday 30th June - Aztec Bar, Belgrave. (Beck Sian's last Australian show, possibly forever.) 

  • Sunday 30th April - Aztec Bar, Belgrave. (All-afternoon show. Commences 3:30 pm.)
Saturday 15th April - Ruby's, Belgrave. 

  • Sunday 2nd April - Aztec Bar, Belgrave. (All-afternoon show. Commences 3:30 pm.) 

  • Tuesday 14th March - Ruby's, Belgrave. 
Monday 6th March - The Arthouse, Melbourne. 

  • Tuesday 7th Feb - Revolver, Prahran. 

  • Monday 30th Jan - The Arthouse, Melbourne. 

  • Thursday 26th Jan - Barleycorn Hotel, Collingwood. 

  • Monday 23rd Jan - The Arthouse, Melbourne. 

  • Tuesday 10th Jan - Ruby's, Belgrave. 


  • Tuesday 6th December - The Esplanade Hotel, St. Kilda.
Tuesday 29th November - Ruby's, Belgrave. 

  • Sunday 13th November - Aztec Bar, Belgrave. 

  • Monday 7th November - Micawber Tavern, Belgrave. 

  • Monday 31st October - Micawber Tavern, Belgrave. 

  • Monday 17th October - Micawber Tavern, Belgrave. 

  • Wednesday 5th October - Scarab Bar, Belgrave. 

  • Tuesday 4th October - Ruby's, Belgrave.
Tuesday 13th Sept - The Esplanade Hotel, St. Kilda.