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Fast Facts

The Merlin Bird are based in Melbourne, Australia. In order of height and presumed sanity, they are Geoff Dawes (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Teleri Holton (vocals), Richard Allison (keyboards), Cory Ramsgard (bass) and Dan Moloney (drums, percussion, keyboards and sense of humour).

Previous line-ups have also boasted up to five members at a time.  A full line-up probably needs at least six, but we’ve never had that many so we wouldn’t really know.


Birdies present 

Geoff Dawes is distantly related to George W. Bush, in the same sense that Humpty Dumpty is distantly related to Mount Everest. He sings, plays keyboards and guitar, and divides his time between contemplating the inner mysteries of the universe and mowing the lawn. (That's Geoff, not Humpty Dumpty.) 

Daniel Moloney played guitar and keyboards both, before settling on life as a drummer. His hobby is saving the world from cosmic disaster, although on weekends he watches TV, so Saturdays and Sundays you're on your own. 

Teleri Holton is a Renaissance singer who is possessed of the unique ability to sing at twice the speed of sound.  This can make for some really interesting vocal effects, although - to be frank - synching her up with the rest of the band is a nightmare for the sound engineer.

Richard Allison manifests in this reality as a keyboard player, but is better known on other planes as a six-armed deity.  This is all very impressive of course, but it can make playing his parts a little tricky when he loses track of how many hands he's actually got.

Cory Ramsgard is descended from pagan gods.  When not playing bass guitar, he works as a spokesman for Thor.  It's a tricky gig, because accurately interpreting the Thunder God really needs a voice pitched several octaves below the range of human hearing and, of course, the ability to look imposing while wearing a weird, horned helmet.  His ambition in life is to meet Helen of Troy, although he concedes that some serious reverse reincarnation action may need to happen first.

Birdies past 

Shakira Searle is the only Merlin Birdy who is currently immortal - a condition that is expected to last almost as long as she does. When not singing (rather divinely), she indulges her lifelong passion for Destiny Ball - the Astral plane's most popular competitive sport. For those of you that know the game, she plays Transcendental Mediator, which is a sort of goalkeeper for extra-dimensional thought. 

David O'Toole has spent a number of lives as a cat, before electing to incarnate as a guitarist. He still tends to claw the curtains when he's had too much coffee, although these days he usually prefers a plain saucer of milk ( - slightly warmed). 

Jessica Nabb is the direct descendant of one the world's oldest wizarding families, although they naturally keep this pretty quiet after all those nasty witch-burning episodes a few centuries back. Without wanting to sound too cute, her singing and songs do indeed have a magic all their own, although this impression could well be due to a subtly executed Charm spell whenever she plays.

Mark Kral is studying to be a god. The course usually lasts a number of lifetimes, however, so while he is completing the undergraduate program he has chosen to spend an incarnation or two mastering the bass guitar. On attaining his deification he is hoping to be made God of Amplifiers. Failing that, he will either go for God of Cutlery, or become an all-powerful music critic. 

Dylan Stevenson bestrides the landscape of the human mind like a veritable colossus. Leaping chasms of paradox with a single bound, he is usually to be found exploring the uttermost fringes of mental dilemma and discontinuity armed with nothing but a bass guitar and a Lonely Planet Guidebook to the Subconcious. He also sleeps a lot.

Birdy Friends 

Beck Sian Robson is the kind of unofficial band member. She lives in a different country than the rest of us, so would probably be more "un" than "official" if she did not regularly attend rehearsals via psychic projection.

Beck did most of the female vocals on the Reason and Rhyme CD, and is cousin once removed to English rock diva Kate Bush. (Oddly enough, that's actually true.)

She is also one of the few human beings able to spontaneously levitate. (Although, to be honest, we've never really put that last bit to the test.)

Instant Interview  

Melbourne band The Merlin Bird are out playing live again in support of their second CD "Chapter and Verse". 

"It's been great to hit the road again with this new lineup" says singer Geoff Dawes.  "A lot of the older numbers are sounding better than ever and really getting a second lease of life.  I think what's been the most pleasing is that every gig now seems like a good one.  We keep getting people coming up and telling us how original we are, which is nice." 

Drummer Dan Moloney agrees: "We seem to have ended up with a pretty distinctive sort of sound. There are certain trademarks I suppose - the multi-layering of the tracks and the occasional odd time signature - but somehow we just never seem to sound like anyone else." 

You can hear their songs at 

Their latest album Chapter and Verse and the Reason and Rhyme EP are both available at