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Tales from the Merlin Bird

A tale wherein The Merlin Birde eate their lunche

And it came to pass that members of thee bande and various of their friends were seated to partake of their luncheon, for the hour was late, and they hungered. 

And food and wine and all manner of good things were brought unto their table that they might partake thereof. 

And after thankes were given they ate of the food, and drank of the water, and of the wine.  And Dan said ‘Yea verily, for it is good’, and did eat thereof.  And Geoff also said ‘Yea verily, for it is good’, and ate he also thereof.  And likewise did their friends testify unto the goodness of the luncheon, and ate thereof.

But Dave partook not of his luncheon and summoned unto the table the waitress, saying “Lo, for this is like not unto that which I ordered”.  But the waitress rebuked him, saying “Nay, for thou orderest the number 27 with extra artichokes, and thus have I brought unto thee”.  But Dave was wroth, and there was weeping (from Dave) and gnashing of teeth (from everyone else, while they ate).

Reason and Rhyme

... being a diverfe collection of mufingf with naught of narrative to commend them…

“Let us … on your imaginary forces work. …piece out our imperfections with your thoughts.”

William Shakespeare, bard.


We live in the continuum.