New album in the works

With a working title of Hatter and Five, the new Merlin Bird album is officially underway.  The usual writing, rewriting and agonising over lyrics is proceeding apace, and will probably be like everything else we've ever done and take longer than expected.  (Why should this one be any different?)  :-)

There are a number of songs in the 'work-in-progress' stage, the most promising of which is probably one with the working title of D'Artagnon after the famed French musketeer.  In what seems to be a trend for this album, there are currently seven different and incomplete versions of this, each with it's own share of good ideas that can't all fit into the one song.  Finding the magic combination of these is the tricky bit, but hey - if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

Watch this space for future updates.